NOUN VC speaks on Why University’s Portal is being shut down for over 2 months now.

The vice
chancellor of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Professor Abdallah Uba Adamu . In a recent 
interview with Daily Trust on Sunday, he rolled out the university’s
plans for 2017 and why its Law graduates should be recognised by the
Council for Legal Education. He also explained why the institution would
employ 50 PhD holders, saying their graduates are eligible for the
National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. 

The NOUN is in disagreement with its internet service
providers, which led to the shutdown of its portal. What actually

When I took over, I discovered that our services were rendered by two
outside companies. These companies managed all our data resources,
handled the admission, examinations and posting. To me, it doesn’t make
sense to allocate massive resources to an outside agency or company when
you have competent hands within the system.
We have a Department of Computer Science headed by a PhD holder in
that field. We also have people in that department who are excellent
when it comes to web design and so on. We even sent some of our staff
for training in web design and internet technology. So it doesn’t make
sense that we have all these, yet we are out-sourcing to somebody else. I
thought the best thing was to look inwards and strengthen our capacity,
identify key people who are good and empower them with necessary
equipment so that they can come up with our own portal, and we have done
Naturally, the companies are not happy with this development because
we have told them that we are going to cut off our relation because we
have our own portal. In June last year, we told them that by the end of
September we would close the agreement. We closed the agreement, but we
faced some problems because the data is still with them.  So we asked
them to bring it because based on the agreement we entered, if any of
the party decides to terminate the contract, they should hand over all
the data. But they refused, and that is the problem we are facing at the
Basically, the problem affects returning students. Those who have
already paid and done their registration are having difficulties in
accessing what we call wallet balance. They need to know their wallet
balance because they need to know how much is there; but the wallet
balance code is not with us, it is with these companies and they have
refused to bring it back to us. We are still negotiating with the
companies to see how we can get the code.

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