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University of Ibadan admission requiremnts for 2017 academic session

 What are
University of Ibadan admission requirements in 2017?

 If you have finally
decided to continue your studying in this University, keep on reading
the article to know the details.
University of Ibadan is the public research and intellectual
institution, which is known far beyond Nigeria. It is located in Oyo
State in eight kilometers from the center of Ibadan.
University of Ibadan

University of Ibadan admission requirement in 2017

University enjoys a perfect reputation as one of the most prestigious
universities and intellectual centers of sub-Saharan Africa. The
Anglo-Saxon traditions, borrowed from the West, allow it developing
University of Ibadan has the well-developed educational infrastructure.
It publishes numerous scientific periodicals and magazines. Among the most distinguished alumni of the University are
Adiele Afigbo, Wole Soyinka, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Alexander Animalu, Emeka
Anyaokum, Michael Omolewa, William Kumuyi, Niyi Osundare, and many other
prominent people. 
Wole Soyinka

University of Ibadan admission requirement in 2017

is why every year more applicants strive to enter the University of
Ibadan. Future students search for the University of Ibadan admission
list to get to know all the essential requirements for admission.
University of Ibadan pre-admission screening of candidates
Instructions for applicants:
  • Fill in all online forms carefully. Any mistakes will lead to disqualification.
  • Use only functional telephone number and e-mail to enable the University to reach you in the course of the Admission exercise.
  • Upload
    your passport photos and signatures in the JPEG format. Your photos
    must be on white background without cap, glasses, or headgear.
  • Submit
    only authentic documents. If you are found guilty of the falsification
    of papers, you will be immediately disqualified. In some cases, you may
    be handed over to the Law Enforcement Agencies.
University of Ibadan admission requirements
Visit University of Ibadan admission portal to submit the Online Application for Admission.
University of Ibadan admission requirements

University of Ibadan admission requirement in 2017
addition to combinations of subjects for each department as publicized
in the JAMB brochure, every applicant should take into the consideration
the following.
The University of Ibadan accepts five credits at only one sitting in the following faculties:
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • College of Medicine
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Pharmaсy
  • Dentistry
  • Public Health
The University recognizes five credits at one sitting and six credits at two sittings in the following faculties:
  • Arts
  • Science
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Law
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Education
  • Technology
  • The Social Sciences
interested applicants should note that it is only when an “O” level
result is lacking for a course of choice, that another result may be
accessible to compliment the lacking one. All applicants with two “O”
level results (two sittings) must confirm that the comprehensive details
of both results are submitted.
University of Ibadan admission

University of Ibadan admission requirement in 2017
The University of Ibadan JAMB cut off mark for 2017/2018
The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has recently revealed JAMB 2017/2018 cut off marks for all Nigerian universities.
The University of Ibadan JAMB cut off mark for 2017/2018 is 200.


If you have any questions concerning University of Ibadan admission, please, feel free to contact the University.
University of Ibadan Postgraduate admission requirement
University of Ibadan Postgraduate admission

University of Ibadan admission requirement in 2017
School of Postgraduate Studies at the University Of Ibadan gladly
welcomes all applications from suitably qualified candidates for
admission into numerous postgraduate programs for 2017/2018 Academic
Types of admission:
  • Full-time admission
The University of Ibadan offers a full-time admission only to unemployed applicants.
  • Part-time admission
can be admitted to part-time registration if they work at the
university or can prove the University that they have adequate
facilities for their work as part-time students. Please note that one of
the leading University of Ibadan Postgraduate admission requirement to
all candidates, in this case, is to show evidence of their employers`
  • Admission as occasional students
candidates satisfy the least entry requirements for the higher degree
program, and the Faculty Postgraduate Committee recommends them, they
may be admitted as occasional students. However, they will never get a
degree from the University of Ibadan.
University of Ibadan 2017

University of Ibadan admission requirement in 2017
General requirements
  • All
    candidates must be graduates of the University of Ibadan or any other
    institutions recognized by the Senate. The Postgraduate School on the
    recommendation of the suitable Faculty Postgraduate Committee will make
    the admission.
  • If a candidate has no previous higher degrees in
    the appropriate discipline, he/she are admitted only to either the
    Professional Degree of Master or the Degree of Master.
  • All
    candidates who own recognized Research Higher Degree in the relevant
    discipline are admitted to the M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree programs.
  • The detailed information on the University of Ibadan Postgraduate admission requirements can be found on the University website.
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