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Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, TRCN to conduct the first professional examination for teachers this year.

examination, known as the Pre-Qualifying Examinations (PQE), would
serve as a prerequisite for admission of teachers into the profession.
Prof. Josiah Ajiboye, the Registrar and Chief Executive of the council, made this known in Abuja on Tuesday.
explained that the PQE would be written based on the four categories of
teachers, adding that the old system of ‘’one size fits all’’ no longer
“Now we have designed a test in such a way that will be
suitable to each category of teachers that we are dealing with because
when we register teachers we registered them based on the categories.
“Essentially, we have four categories; we have Grade A that is PhD and above, then we have Grade B that is those with Masters.
“Then we have Grade C, that is those with first degree and we have the Grade D that is those with NCE and Diploma.
test has been prepared based on the syllabi that covers the whole
education spectrum and you are going to be test based on your own

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