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5 career moves you should make before your graduation

5 career moves you should make before your graduation

5 sure ways to get a job before graduation

Why wait till after your NYSC program before you start looking a job when you can take some steps to get hired now.

Getting a job before graduating from a higher institution in Nigeria is a rare opportunity every undergraduate will like to have.

Waiting till you finish your first degree before you start looking for jobs can be very daunting and frustrating.

However, to prepare and place yourself in a good position for job as soon as you graduate, here are five career moves you should make.

1. If you like a company, make findings about it


If you're interested in working for a company, seek information about the company. You can reach out to the company's interns. They'll probably have an idea of what the company is looking for and who to approach so as to avoid sending mail to the wrong person.

And if you know people working for the company, you can ask them about the company's mode of employment. This will give you some insights about how the company operates.

2. Gain marketable skills


As you're networking your way into the company, make sure you gain the needed skills that are relevant to the job. If you are interested in working for a media house, consider being a campus freelance, or join the campus press club or writers association.

Social media skills are also needed almost everywhere today. Try to gain marketable skills in tech, social media and digital marketing Learn these skills and make them shine on your resume.

You can also sign up for free online courses that are relevant to your course of study and interest to boost your professional abilities.

3. Clean up and build up your online presence


Your online presence is a reflection of who you are. And at this point, if your social media accounts especially your LinkedIn profile does not reflect or showcase you the way it should in relation to your career, then, you need to clean it up.

Building up your social media profile helps you to create a personal brand for yourself and makes it easier for you to get noticed by potential employers.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering can be a very positive way to train yourself in your school or the first internship didn't provide. This can also offer you additional experience if the job in which you volunteer yourself is a familiar terrain.

5. Network


Networking is very important to your job search. Attend campus events, meet people, join new groups or clubs on campus. Meet professionals in the field you aspire to join. Ask questions about the company that picks your interest as well as about industry trends.

Source: Pulse

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