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Faith-Based Schools: Why church-owned universities can't offer free or subsidised education

Faith-Based Schools: Why church-owned universities can't offer free or subsidised education

Top 10 universities owned by churches and their school fees

Faith-based universities are expensive and there are many reasons these school can't afford to offer subsidised education for their church members.

Nigerians always talk about faith-based Universities and their expensive tuitions.

Everyone seems to expect these schools to offer free or subsidised education at least for the children of the members of the church that established the school.

The argument has always been that if the church builds a school with the money of the church members, why can the members or their kids enjoy free or subsidised education at the church-owned tertiary institutions?

In case you feel the urge to ask this question again, here are some of the reasons why schools like Covenant University, Redeemer's University of Nigeria, Mountain Top University and other can't afford to be inexpensive.


1. The quality of education they offer

There is a clear difference between the quality of education private universities offer from that of public universities in Nigeria. These schools like other private establishments are in business to make profits and this is why they try to provide quality and better educational service where the public schools are failing.

2. Infrastructure and social amenities

Providing quality education is not just by having lecture rooms and furniture for students. Private universities invest in infrastructural facilities for their benefits of their students. They put lots of amenities in place to make the learning environment conducive for the students.

And as private establishments, Church-owned university managements spend lots of money to provide standard lecture rooms, lights, water and internet for the students.

3. Cost of running the school


An institution that provides steady power supply, potable water and maintains its infrastructure must certainly be spending lots of money to keep the school going. Schools like Covenant University won't be able to maintain the standard they set if they are not expensive.

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4. Lecturers' salary

Private Universities have a knack for hiring the best lecturers around and paying them much more than what the government pays their counterpart at federal or state universities. When you say private universities are better than public ones, you should consider the quality of lecturers in those schools. They are the reason why we believe private schools are better.

Source: Pulse

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